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12 Monkeys. Bates Motel. Bloodline. Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Daredevil. Doctor Who. Frequency.  From Dusk Till Dawn. Halt and Catch Fire.  Hooten & The Lady. Into The Badlands. Jane The Virgin. Mr Robot. New Blood. Orphan Black. Outlander. Pitch. Poldark. Salem. Teen Wolf. The Americans. Van Helsing.

  Stand By
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Animal Kingdom. Atlanta. Feed the Beast. The Fosters. Fresh Off The Boat.  Jessica Jones. Killjoys. The Last Kindgom. Murder In The First. OiTNB. Outsiders. Rectify. Sense8. Shameless. The Shannara Chronicles. Suits. Supergirl. UNReal. Vikings.  You’re The Worst. Zoo.

Last updated 09/01/16.

50thousandtearz farscapehariboo_smirks farscapefeel_the_fire farscape (1)intodelirium farscape (2)pnr farscapeireth_e farscape
50thousandtearz - hariboo_smirks - feel_the_fire - intodelirium - pnr - ireth_e

Prison Break
aliasledger prison break (4)flatlined prison break (3)flatlined prison break (4)gigglemonster prison break (1)kelz3192 prison breakstarsburn prison break
aliasledger - flatlined - flatlined - gigglemonster - kelz3192 - starsburn

Stargate Atlantis
strangefrontier stargate atlantiswikidwitch stargate atlantisquiddity_ stargate atlantisdriftingaway stargate atlantisteh_s0njanator stargate atlantis (1)meganlynn09 stargate atlantis (2)
Strangefrontier - wikidwitch - quiddity_ - driftingaway - teh_s0njanator - meganlynn09

Friday Night Lights
doesnotsway friday night lightsbetty_mraz friday night lightscrackers4jenn friday night lights (1)sky_magenta friday night lightsgigglemonster friday night lightsraiindust friday night lights (5)
doesnotsway - betty_mraz - crackers4jenn - sky_magenta - gigglemonster - raiindust

letsey_x heroes (2)gothamknights heroesthesamegirl17 heroeslunacat heroes (2)meivocis heroesoravannakha heroes (3)
letsey_x - gothamknights - thesamegirl17 - lunacat - meivocis - oravannakha

glance18 leverageimaginary_lives leverage (4)library_of_sex leverageimaginary_lives leverage (3)imaginary_lives leverage (1)llenka leverage
glance18 - imaginary_lives - library_of_sex - imaginary_lives - imaginary_lives - llenka

nyaza nikita (1)g0ldstaarr nikita (1)paintedwhore90 nikitasunshinesky nikitaimaginary_lives nikita (2)imaginary_lives nikita (1)
nyaza - g0ldstaarr - paintedwhore90 - sunshinesky - imaginary_lives - imaginary_lives

elena_hepburn eureka (1)elena_hepburn eureka (2)meganlynn09 eurekared_fullmoon eurekaviolateraindrop eureka (2)wildpages eureka
elena_hepburn - elena_hepburn - meganlynn09 - red_fullmoon - violateraindrop - wildpages

The Bryan Fuller Altar
burntheflaws pushing daisies (2)daynawashere pushing daisies (2)alisea_dream wonderfalls (5)alisea_dream wonderfalls (6)alisea_dream dead like me (2)offyourhead dead like me
burntheflaws - daynawashere - alisea_dream - alisea_dream - alisea_dream -offyourhead

Sons Of Anarchy
endearest sons of anarchy (1)endearest sons of anarchy (2)fouroux sons of anarchy (1)nolongertwo sons of anarchy (1)sietepecados sons of anarchy (1)vaguelyclear sons of anarchy
endearest - endearest - fouroux - nolongertwo - sietepecados - vaguelyclear

fassy fringe (5)fassy fringe (7)naginis fringe (1)poisonfield fringe (1)violateraindrop fringe (3)wickdshy fringe (3)
fassy - fassy - naginis - poisonfield - violateraindrop - wickdshy


far_to_nowhere - musguita - g0ldstaarr - musguita - gigglemonster - musguita


deadwillwalk - justmyb0nes - deadwillwalk - fassy - fassy -harlequinss_s

Legend of the Seeker / Charmed
appleindecay legend of the seekerlrbcn legend of the seekerofthesea legend of the seekerletsey_x charmed (2)letsey_x charmed (3)russian_hotness charmed (1)
appleindecay - lrbcn - ofthsea - letsey_x - letsey_x - russian_hotness

True Blood / Buffy
spittingfish buffyisis2015 buffy (1)longerthanwedo buffyfuuurs true blood (1)fuuurs true blood (3)marylou_gr true blood
spittingfish - isis2015 - longerthanwedo - fuuurs - fuuurs - marylou_gr

Luther / Torchwood
letsey_x luther (2)letsey_x luther (3)sky_magenta luther (1)ofthesea torchwood (4)letsey_x torchwood (5)ofthesea torchwood (8)
letsey_x - letsey_x - sky_magenta - ofthesea - letsey_x - ofthesea

Mad Men / Haven
rdequina mad men (3).pngimaginary_lives mad men.png
rdequina - imaginary_lives - artemis-sparks - nadya149 - naushika - prettybutt

Agent Carter / The Musketeers

danseur_lion - petitetomate - tinebrella - xafirah - light_ofmy_life - word_never_said

Too short lived

nyaza kings (2)second_love dracula (3)vampire_sessah pan amciudad political animalsmisstress_tink once upon a time in wonderland (2)exp0se moonlight (3)
moetushie flashforwardprincesskiwi07 dark blue (1)blindbeats blood ties (2)whitkj22 off the map (1)electrical_s persons unknown (2)gja5

Kings (nyaza) - Dracula (second_love) - Pan Am (vampire_sessah) - Political Animals (ciudad) - OuaT in Wonderland (misstress_tink) - Moonlight (exp0se)
Flashforward (moetushie) - Dark Blue (princesskiwi07) - Blood Ties (blindbeats) - Off The Map (whitkj22) - Persons Unknown (electrical_s) - Last Resort (connie_gabe)
Constantine (naive_astronaut) - Containment (unknown) - Dead of Summer (unknown)

Period dramas
absolutelybatty rome (1)ofthesea the white queenambersuite the white queenart_in_disguise carnivaleletsey_x carnivale
doesnotsway american dreams (1)monsterjunk american dreamsfadedpresence the tudors (1)hurtmybones the tudorshauntes the borgias (1)sky_magenta the borgias
Rome (absolutelybatty - absolutelybatty) - The White Queen (ofthesea - ambersuite) - Carnivale (art_in_disguise - letsey_x)
American Dreams (doesnotsway - monsterjunk) - The Tudors (fadedpresence - hurtmybones) - The Borgias (hauntes - sky_magenta)

hauntes don't trust the bitch in apartment 23 (2)hauntes don't trust the bitch in apartment 23 (3)beyondthepen happy endingsletsey_x happy endings (2)luux_lu suburgatorynow_ennui suburgatory
in_the_end miranda (1)letsey_x miranda (2)
Don't Trust the B* in Apartment 23 (hauntes - hauntes) - Happy Endings (beyondthepen - letsey_x) - Suburgatory (luux_lu - now_ennui)
Miranda (in_the_end - letsey-x) - Community (letsey_x - applepips16 - driftingaway - letsey_x)

Teenage love
colddarkwater once and again (1)driftingaway higher groundjanine83 roswelldriftingaway largo winchjulie_izumi mutant x (2)navi_glow dawson's creek (2)
woodenshores young riders letsey_x smallville (1)woodenshores pj (3)hullywood_bound doctor quinn (2)woodenshores lyon police speciale (3)aliasledger felicity (3)
Once and Again (colddarkwater) - Higher Ground (driftingaway) - Roswell (janine83) - Largo Winch (driftingaway) - Mutant X (julie_izumi) - Dawson's Creek (navi_glow)
The Young Riders (woodenshores) - Smallville (letsey_x) - P.J. (woodenshores) - Doctor Quinn (hullywood_bound) - Lyon Police Speciale (woodenshores) - Felicity (aliasledger)

clairebeauchamp harper's island (2)ale_skyz dark angel (1)blue_emotion being human (1)partitioning hexdekolette robin hoodexplodeyy united states of tara (2)
devilz-haircut lie to me (1)crazyvictoria battlestar galactica (3)peculiargroove being erica (1)thewonderlife misfits (1)rdequina sarah connor chronicles (1)vickibot army wives (1)
julie_izumi revolutionbeauparadox chuck (2)letsey_x angel (2)_boppo_ alias (2)
Harper's Island (clairebeauchamp)  - Dark Angel (ale_skyz) - Being Human UK (blue_emotion) Hex (partitioning) - Robin Hood (dekolette) - United States of Tara (explodeyy) - Lie To Me (devilz-haircut)
Battlestar Galactica (crazyvictoria) - Being Erica (peculiargroove) - Misfits (thewonderlife) - Sarah Connor Chronicles (rdequina) - Army Wives (vickibot)
Revolution (julie_izumi) - Chuck (beauparadox) - Angel (letsey_x) - Alias (_boppo_) - Under The Dome (shameless666)

Used to care / Gave up
metamorphosia game of thronesexp0se supernatural (1)luux_lu lost girl (2)luux_lu pretty little liarsreconred white collar (3)sianna_sm the vampire diaries
sky_magenta downton abbeytinebrella once upon a timefprintmoon sherlocktmomsen8 switched at birth (1)castiels awkwardendearest nashville
daynawasherepartitioning sleepy hollownaushika beauty and the beast (3)dreamfloat gossip girlsexp0se white collar (2)ofthesea graceland
neversleeps scandal (1)

Game Of Thrones (metamorphosia) - Supernatural (exp0se) - Lost Girl (luux_lu) - Pretty Little Liars (luux_lu) - White Collar (reconred) - The Vampire Diaries (sianna_sm)
Downton Abbey (sky_magenta) - Once Upon A Time (tinebrella) - Sherlock (fprintmoon) - Switched At Birth (tmomsen8) - Awkward (castiels) - Nashville (endearest)
Reign (daynawashere) - Sleepy Hollow (partitioning) - Beauty and the Beast (naushika) - Gossip Girl (dreamfloat) - White Collar (exp0se) - Graceland (ofthesea)
Scandal (neversleeps) - Girls (spg_spn_girls) - Arrow (caotica_tatjana) - The 100 (julie_izumi) - Shadowhunters (julie_izumi) - Quantico (shameless666)
The Walking Dead (dixon)

Last updated 08/05/16.

shred coffee prince (1)bambinainnero coffee prince (2)baekhyunf flower boys next door (4)paintable flower boys next door (1)sakuradrops252 you're beautiful (1)realvoix you're beautiful (4)
Coffee Prince (bambinainnero - shred) - Flower Boys Next Door (baekhyunf -paintable) – You’re Beautiful (sakuradrops252 - realvoix)
__undeniiable one liter of tears  (1)__undeniiable one liter of tears (2)
One Liter of Tears (__undeniiable – undeniable) - My Lovely Sam Soon (coming)

Last updated 04/25/15.

Favourites of all time.

Agora. Brassed Off. Brokedown Palace. Constantine. Contagion. Dead Again. Gladiator. Gone with the Wind. House of Flying Daggers. Little Women. Sense and Sensibility. Sex, Lies and Videotapes. The Color Purple. The English Patient. The Great Escape. The Sound of Music. The Way We Were. Anything by or with Kenneth Branagh.

The Wolfman. Bella. Cadillac Records. Saawaryia. The Blind Side. Darling Lilli. Cemetery Junction. Salt. The Social Network.
Agora. Inception. Mermaids. Ceremony. Hanna. X Men, First Class. Barney's Version. The Beaver. Midnight in Paris. Teenage Dirtbag. Lucky Number Slevin. Good Neighbours. Contagion. Holly. We Need To Talk about Kevin. The History Boys.
Albert Nobbs. In the Land of Blood and Honey. The King's Speech. Like Crazy. Carnage. The Awakening. The Avengers. Black Book. W/E. Take This Waltz. The Station Agent. Sound Of Noise. Moonrise Kingdom. Away From Home.
Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy. Life of Pi. Now You See Me. Kick Ass. Kick Ass 2. Oblivion. Beautiful Creatures. Stoker
Vampire Academy. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The Normal Heart. The Iceman. The East. The Grand Budapest Hotel. The Remains of The Day. Divergent. Guardians of the Galaxy. Edge of Tomorrow.
Fruitvale Station. Labor Day. A Most Wanted Man. Into The Wild. The Fall. Thelma and Louise. Belle. Dear White People.

Last updated A long time ago.


Bleach (siiy). Bokura Ga Ita (tsukihane). Code Geass (parle). Fruits Basket (zombieparty15). Full Metal Panic (kniqht). Gundam Wing (woodenshores).

La Corda d'Oro (clymnestra). Romeo x Juliet (parle). Special A (poptartmuse). Spice and Wolf (lu_hesperia). Vampire Knight (chrnoangel). Zombie Loan (zabuza_sama26).


Death Note (driftingaway). Earl and Fairy (watermist). Hakuoki (fujitsubo). Kaichou Wa Maid Sama (fadedincolor). Kaze No Stigma (woodenshores). Speed Grapher (tsunderes).


Paradise Kiss (aya88). Ghost Hunt (ju_jei). Dengeki Daisy (o0yukino0o). Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (woodenshores). Neo Angelique (woodenshores). Ouran High School Host Club (fadedincolor).


Toradora (aya88). Dantalian No Shoka (sola-21)

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