Date: 2014-09-08 10:27 pm (UTC)
ext_194372: TVD: Caroline Close Up (Outlander: Claire at the window)
The Basics.

Name?: Jill
Location: California
Other sites you’re on: Mostly LJ and a bit of Twitter and Facebook (running the Outlander Watch aspects of LJ/Facebook/Twitter.)
Over or Under 18: Over... yeah.
What's in your LJ? [ profile] sireesanwar
How often do you post in your LJ?
Lately, not as often as I'd like because I'm so absorbed in Outlander but multiple times a week usually.

Outlander (I’m basing this on the show since not everyone has read the books. If you wish to speak about the books, which you totally should feel free to do, please put anything behind a spoiler cut).

Have you read the books? Yes!
Favourite characters: Jamie, Dougal, Claire, Ian <--That is just Outlander.
What’s your favourite thing about the show so far? The complexity that is really being fleshed out.
What is one thing you wish the show would improve on? More of Jamie's personality so far. I feel like the show has kind of hid a lot of what Jamie is really like in the books. By this point we don't know a lot about Jamie but there is more conversation so you get a sense of his personality and such.
Favourite moments so far: Angus drinking the port. LOL Spanish? I just loved it.
Favourite pairings: Well, I love the great interactions between Jamie and Claire in episode 3 but overall the best interactions have been between Dougal and Claire.

Other fandoms/Non fannish interests.

Other shows you watch, characters you love, pairings you’ll ship till the end of time:
Castle: Castle/Beckett
Once Upon a Time: Regina/Robin, Emma/Killian
Arrow: Oliver/Felicity
Bones: Booth/Bones, Angela/Hodgins
Sleepy Hollow
The Originals
The Vampire Dairies
Probably more but I can't think of them now.

Favourite movies/musicians/models, etc:
Well, I love too many movies to name but I'm a big fan of the Avenger Superhero worlds right now.
Love Nickleback, Kelly Clarkson, Sugarland, Kenny Chesney, Train... a lot but I don't often talk music.

Other interests:
LJ Art & Layouts
The Pretender - which is long since over as a show but has rebooted as books... Miss Parker/Jarod!!!
Books! I love books!

Anything else you’d like to share with us:
I will take every opportunity to weave Outlander into a conversation. ;-)
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